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M101 Military Jeep Trailer build:  4


XI Extending the Support Leg on a Lifted M101/M416 Trailer:

Since I added the Delta Box I haven't any place to put the trailer bolt on support leg that most folks have on their trailers.  

Since the M101 and M416 Jeep trailers come with a support leg that is perfectly good and out of the way, then all one would have to do is extend the leg and now your trailer would set level.

I decided to tackle the project today and as I was going thru my steel box I came across a couple of Currie aluminum arms for the Currie AntiRock that I have.  It was a poor design by Currie and one of the arms broke.  John Currie promised to send me a new design arm, but I am still waiting after a couple of years.  But I still had my original two.

I took the arms, cut them down to the length I needed and installed them on the leg and on the trailer.  I put both arms together since they are aluminum and like I said one broke on me before.

Whether you use aluminum or steel it does not make a lot of difference I am thinking as long as its strong enough.


1) Place a level on your trailer and having someone pick up the nose in one hand and with a tape measure, measure how tall the support leg needs to be

2)  Put a weight of some kind in the back of the trailer and lift it up for ease of working on it.  Remove the 2, 3/4 bolts that hold the leg on its support bracket

3)  Since you have taken a measurement already, cut your steel or aluminum and drill 4 holes for the 4 3/4 in bolts you will need

4)  Clean the support bracket, paint it and the steel extend piece, let dry and bolt in place


3/4 socket and wrench


4 Grade 8 bolts, washers and lock nuts, steel or aluminum to fab the extension


If you have to fab up the steel or aluminum then expect to give it about 1 - 2 hours

Worth it factor:  Should have done this a long time ago so when I drop my trailer it will set level

Cost:  Grade 8 bolts, washers and lock nuts was about $8 bucks at Ace Hardware

XII Jeep Rear Bumpers on the M101

Recently I picked up a set of old style Jeep bumpers from my good friend, Cole down at 4 Wheel Supply.  They were used and a little beat up but some paint made them good enough for the trailer.


Simple enough, just drill 4 holes thru the lower frame on the rear of the trailer and bolt them on and go.


About 1 hr to drill holes, paint and install bumpers

XII-Part II Rear Bumper Reinforcement-Trailer Hitch Install:

I took some 3"x3"x3/16th angle iron and fabbed up a rear bumper reinforcement w/trailer hitch.  I will let the pics tell the story:


Removed bumperetts and prepped the rear crossmember.


Getting ready to weld on the trailer hitch and bumper reinforcement


Prepped and ready to weld onto the rear of the trailer


Welded on and then I added a side bar


Side bar added and welded


Job complete

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