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Cup 'O Joe

Good beans

Krups Expresso Maker

Cuisnart Coffee Bean Grinder

Note the "crema" on top

Like any old soldier I enjoy a good cup ‘o Joe and its hard to come by. A few coffee shops will do it, but Starbucks is not one of them. The best coffee I have had in the US has been at the Jailhouse Cafe in Moab, Utah.

With a career in the Army I have drank a lot of coffee.  Some good, some great and sometimes I could tell the cook had washed his socks. But it all tastes good when you wrap your hands around a steaming canteen cup full of 'Joe on a cold winters day on the DMZ in Korea or the training area in Hohenfels, or Grafenwoehr, Germany.  

The warmth of the canteen cup in your near frozen hands and the feeling as the hot coffee slides down your throat into your belly warming you to the toes.  Nothing like it and no matter how bad the cooks socks needed washing the warmth was also welcome.

That said, I got spoiled spending time in Europe especially Italy with its great coffee. I haven’t been able to duplicate it but recently I have come close. I use a blend of 25% Blue Kona from Hawaii for its smoothness, 25% Mocha beans that adds chocolate overtones and 50% Italian Roast top grade beans for their robust flavor.

  Krups Expresso maker $149.95


  Cuisinart Coffee bean grinder $29.95


  2 lb bag of Sam’s Club Italian Espresso Roast Beans $6.97


  A great cup ‘o Joe to an warm old soldiers bones...Priceless!

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