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Insulating the outside of your home!













The Great Experiment

My wife and I have a large bedroom that also serves as our office. My wife also being a computer engineer and between the 2 of us we have a server a 2 TB network HD and about 5 computers cooking all the time.

The builder in his or her brillance managed to CRAM one AC/heat duct in this rather large bedroom.

The bedroom outside wall gets sun beginning at dawn and ending just before sunset.

Can you spell HOT?

Temp was running 88 degrees. Then I added a new AC/heat system and an additional AC/heat duct to the room, this brought it down to 83, which is ALMOST tolerable.

BUT to get that 83 the rest of the house is leased out to Phoenix cold storage and beef packing house...I keep the thermostat on 76 to get 83. My summer bills are stiff to say the least. Plus we have to dress in winter gear to leave our bedroom.

To that end this is the GREAT Experiment.

I have no way of adding any insulation to this side of the house. So what I have dreamed up is to add insulation to the OUTSIDE of the home. I am adding 1 1/2 in polystrene foam with FOIL covering (which I am facing to the outside), I will then stucco over this to match the rest of the house.

Will it work? A home builder told me "no way". I think it will, but time will tell.

2x4 with fiberglass bats, raised ceiling in bedroom and no access to the attic (have to do a dropped celing).

I wanted to install a small 'window" unit AC in the office part of the room to keep the computers cool, but wife gave that a thumbs down.

So, what you see is what I am doing: Thermometer sets to my right on the outside wall at shoulder height. It is at 78 as I type (its only about 18 in from me.

more to come

Last year I installed a TRANE ultra high efficiency AC/heat system in hopes that would make a difference. [The dining room I added is all windows, 10 ft celing and gets heavy sun exposure most of the day. HOWEVER the walls are 2x6 and the ceiling is 12 in and the roof of it has been foamed, its a flat roof. That said it does NOT have any AC/heat ducting going to it or even cloe to it. Yet it stays at the same temp the rest of the house does be it AC or heat. Amazing what insulation will do.

Speaking of which: My home in Dallas Texas, almost 4000 sq feet, split AC/Heat and hot water system and maintained at 72 degrees year round. My average mothly electric bill over 6 years was $116 per month. Gas bill average over the same time frame $47 per month. Yes amazing what a few dollars in insulation will do for you and OUR country's dependence on oil.

I have added 3 ceiling fans to this wing of the house, one over the office end, one over the bedroom end and one in the I added 2 in the living room, one in the kicthen and 2 in the dinning room I just added to the house.

Here is how I am doing the window openings and where the outside wall meets the corner.

Currently the interior temp of the house is about 80 degrees, albeit it does seem much cooler. But that is the temp that is showing on the thermo I have been using for the years we have lived here.

The goal is to get the office/bedroom at or near the same temp as the rest of the house. In the past it started out as a 10+ degree difference and the interior wall felt hot to the touch.

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