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Black and Obama wins:  Does this make history or is it just a historical footnote?

While many will see this as a History making election due to Obama winning.  Not so, say I.  In fact history will treat this a Historical footnote for lots of reasons.

What Obama’s win bring to the history books and us is far more than a black winning a Presidential race.  It is in the words of Obama ‘bringing about a fundamental change in America”.  It ushers in an era of social and economic upheaval that never in my life did I think would ever be seen in America.  It introduces America to the basics of communist-socialism.  Soon all of America will know what Marx meant when he stated ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his need’.

It also brings us into the thinking that we are “citizens of the world” (B H Obama, Berlin, 2008).  America has always seen itself as a citizen of America, the United States.  That began its slow crumble with the “African-American” moniker and then spread other minority groups.  While I am sure that many Blacks only use it as its become an everyday phrase the reality is that America was built from a melting pot of many and those many chose to be called Americans, NOT, _________-American.  It’s really a question of what comes first, your God and your Country or YOU and __________?

It really will come down to American self-rule or United Nations rule, if you are wondering where Obama stands then no need of continuing to read any further.

With this goes the loss of the US as the worlds true superpower.  Look for the US to take our lead from the UN and be under the UN control.

The loss of our sovereign rights as the UN begins its relentless attack on our legal system and our Bill of Rights.  If you are a RKBA then you are in deep trouble.  If you don’t know what RKBA means then don’t worry, it does not apply to you.

Robin Hood-ism or known as “your Patriotic Duty” to “spread the wealth” as Joe Biden and Obama would each say.  The redistribution of wealth with a slight Marxist flare by Obama himself as if he were introducing a whole new concept.

We will also enter into the age of extreme environmentalism, which will put the government in almost total control of your daily life.

Well you get the picture if you are still reading.  Certainly I could go on but to answer the opening question…its my bet that Obama being black will only be a historical footnote as he is going to bring about such radical change to my beloved country that it will be the topic of discussions for more years than most of us will be alive.


As you vote, so shall you sow…

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