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Apology and Default

For a POTUS NoBama uses the word “Default” a lot, so often in fact you must wonder...

With 2 apology tours for America under his belt and I am sure we will see another one, you must wonder...

If we Default, whether or not we default on any loan payments or not and there is no reason why we should, we have the money to make our payments.

Of the possible ramifications from a default one of the ones that means the most will be a new call by all countries of the world to drop the US Dollar as the worlds reserve currency.  AND BoBama would love that.  It would put the US in literally 2nd rate status at best.

NoBama promised Hope and Change and everything he does tells me his idea of change is bringing America to its knees.  And nothing would do this better than losing our position in the World as just another country with another two-bit currency.

Some on the News say NoBama would NEVER do this, I say you don’t know who NoBama is.  Any American POTUS would do anything to prevent the USA from losing its status, but not him.  In fact you might ask yourself ‘what would George Soros do?’

The orchestration in bringing the USA to its knees is clear and well defined in many writings.  Thru modern history we have seen it many times and we are at or near the tipping point of this occurring.

In the circles NoBama runs in he is a HERO already and unlike Klinton he does not need the adulation of the American people, unlike Klinton he does not desire to be universally liked.  The radical circles he runs in are the same ones that mounted their attack on the US in the 60’s and failed.  They thought they could do it thru the students of the time and motivated by the draft and Vietnam.  When the draft went away the movement lost most of its steam.  Now they have the POTUS in their pockets and he, while not a child of the 60’s, he answers to those that were and they call the shots and we would be fools to not review our recent history.

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