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ATF Operation Fast & Furious

1)  I DO NOT think for one minute that Opn F&F is just a ATF thing.  I spent 26 years in the govt, enlisted, officer Dept Army Civilian.  I spent my last 9 years dealing at the top echelons on Captiol Hill, Pentagon and rubbing elbows on a daily basis at a 4 Star General command...I have some insight into our gov't workings.

2)  Eric Holder KNEW and APPROVED and gave the orders to the ATF

3)  NoBama gave the order to Eric Holder

4)  WHY?  This is so simple I am amazed at the folks that don't see it.

a)  UN small arms treaty/policy, its online and if you have not read and are a RKBA person then  YOU SHOULD!  In short, GLOBAL gun control

b)  Bill Klinton another two bit politician from ARK, NEVER held a job suddenly worth millions and is POTUS and married to a socialist wife.  Billy-boy OWED big time, WACO happened on his watch and his henchMAN was Janet RENO.  Billy-boy who suffered from an extreme 'need to be needed' and 'please love me' syndrome decided that he would tell his handlers to go shove it and he moved HARD to the center and let the people vote him in for a second term.

c)  NoBama, Klinton LITE, worth millions, never held a job and had NOTHING in life and he was black...the PERFECT candidate.  Plus he is STUPID, has STRONG Muslim ties and has so much dirt in his background that he can be bought and sold like the slave to the man.  HE IS OWNED.  Lessons were learned at WACO, brute force did NOT scare ME and I suspect a lot of other people.

d)  22,000 ++ gun laws, every angle in the world has been used and no one has got control of America's guns YET!  And Klinton failed.

e) How has the EPA, Enviro-Nazis got their power, how have they killed Prayer, GOD and everything else the liberals hate been controlled?  Thru the courts.

Opn F&F was a scheme to show Americans how our guns are going across the border to the drug cartels AND it was to TURN the Mex govt against us by taking us to court.  And in disputes at this level it won't be settled in some Fed court in Phoenix AZ or Brownsville, Tex...IT HAS TO BE SETTLED at the INTERNATIONAL COURT, which is UNDER UN CONTROL.  [everyone that is starting to smell the coffee raise your hand]

f)  Is there ANY question on how the UN-IC will RULE?  I did not think so.  THe US WILL ABIDE by the UN small arms TREATY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

g)  Now before someone says well the Congress will have to go along with that'!  Yes and NO!  If you are not familiar with the Koyoto Treaty then that too should be on your reading list along with UN Agenda 21.  Now I know someone is gonna say, but the US did not sign it...BONK Wrong answer CO2 breath, WE DID SIGN IT!!!!!!  WHO?  OWL HORE signed it.  Had OWL won the POTUS we would be living UNDER the Protocol.

Now I know some will say, so what the Senate vote was 95-0 to not abide by it....YEA, YOU THINK?  Suggest you check the 10's of thousands of regs that have come down the pike from the EPA since NoBama took office and MORE are coming.

Anyone NOT seeing how this will play out?  UN-IC will rule US to come into compliance with the small arms treaty, Congress does not go with it, BUT NoBama does.  Anyone noticed that NoBama does not give a chit about the Constitution, Bill of Rights or laws enacted by Congress...

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