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Bread and Circuses

No one should hate rich folks as long as the wealth is across the board.  What the current fad/liberals and socialists are all advocating is equal outcome, NOT equal opportunity.  This means redistribution of wealth.

That has ALWAYS been promised by the emerging liberal-Marxist-communist-socialist mantra.  NEVER!!!!!  What occurs is the wealth gets stolen by those who promised redistribution...100% of the time.  The result is a ruling elite of about 5% of the population who now controls about 95% of the nations wealth.  USSR/Russia, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and most countries in Africa, Middle East and S America.

WE have this movement going on here in the US.  Listen to Occupy, or Obammy with his class warfare.  Liberals chase power for they know that power will beget wealth.  Wealth does not necessarily beget power outside of your immediate circle.  Bill Gates has no hold over me and any other American for that matter.  But the power brokers, Obammy and his Czars do.  When they finally overturn the apple cart of America, they will control it wealth and do not expect them to redistribute any of it, not socialist, Marxist or communist country has even done so.  It was only a hollow promise only fools believe:  Unions, those on welfare and the govt dole, non tax payers.

Behind closed doors Obammy, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Peter Lewis, Czars, Hollywood etc etc the buzz phrase is:  "give them bread and circuses" and we know how well that worked out for the Romans.

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