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Clinton sez Obama will win in '12

Clinton said yesterday that Obama is gonna win and he will win on jobs.  This could happen.  HOW?  The WH does not tell the American people the truth, simple as that.  All WH’s have put a ‘spin’ on things, nothing wrong with that, we all do it from kids to adults, on and off the job.  This WH has kicked it up a whole bunch of notches into the realm of what is referred to as ‘propaganda’.  The fav tool of USSR.

1)  Unemployment %:  The WH and ‘party line’ as of today is about 9.1%.  In fact that is not true, it is a LIE or in this case propaganda.  The real rate is on site which is about double what the WH sez.  I can assure you that digging out the real number is a true exercise in research and not for the short of time or patience.  Bottom line is the number reported is ONLY those drawing unemployment, the rest are not counted.  The real number is about 2x the given unemployment rate.

2)  Power of propaganda:  As stated digging out the true unemployment rate is not easy and few folks will ever question and even fewer will bother to spend the time needed to ascertain the truth.  We have to remember who is in control of the spin/propaganda and that is those who are already in power.  Rule 1 is to ‘control the message’.  If you can control the message your chances of winning are extremely high, you have stacked the odds in your favor.  The WH also know that no sitting POTUS has ever been reelected with a unemployment rate above 7.2%.  Not sure how they are going to do it or compute it, but expect the unemployment rate to suddenly dip to about 7%.  The house is shuffling the cards and dealing the cards and the guy doing is going to look you in the eye, tell you sweet nothings and deal you the cards.

3)  I see the upcoming election as going to Las Vegas and winning.  You can beat the house, some do, but they don’t build those Billion $ hotels out of their losings.  I am not sure that any POTUS election in the history of our country is more important than then one coming up.  If we lose, We will all live long enough to see a completely different United States than the one we grew up with.  It will be country so alien to that it will be like living in a foreign land.   If I may draw a parallel:  I moved to Miami several years ago to retire.  I was lured by warm weather and ocean breezes.  I arrived and bought a house in the Doral Country Club.  I stayed 6 months.  I was a stranger in a strange land.  I did not speak Cuban or any other Latin language.  In the largest mall in Miami, I had a hard time finding someone who spoke enough english to sell me a shirt in JC Penny.  That by the way was the last straw and I packed up and left.  It was a city where you have press 2 for english.  I foresee a change that radical if Nobama wins a second term.

4)  Founding documents:  If you have not seen the cover of this weeks Time magazine then you should. It shows a pic of the Constitution being shredded.  This is the goal of every liberal I have met since the 60’s.  The reason?  While these docs say a lot there are 2 items that if they could only remove them then all would be well in the liberal mindset.  a) the 2nd Amendment and its right to keep and bear arms.  Guns scare liberals and liberal governments, plain and simple.  b)  this may well be the most important of all because if they can change this then ALL can be changed as they see fit.  This is the God given rights of which the 2nd Amendment is one.  Its the Bill of Rights which are God given that is the really BIG problem.  Get rid of God given and then the rights grantor becomes the government.  To the best of my knowledge we are the only country in the world that provides God given rights.  These rights given to us by God are the singular pivot point on which everything else depends upon to exist.  If we can move our gov’t into secularism then only the gov’t can make any rules.

One might notice that we have a POTUS and a Congress that ignores our Constitution and our laws.  We are heading towards 800 days that we have no federal budget, none, not even a presentation by Harry Reid.  We are engaged in a war with Libya and yet our POTUS ignores the Constitution and violates his authority.  This is not his first ignore.  In fact he and Congress have been on a rampage of disregarding any laws of our land and doing as they see fit.  I feel there is a purpose behind this disdain of our laws.  Ever get a callous on your foot?  Its comes from a constant irritation until the foot responds by building up a layer of thick skin and sooner or later you no longer feel the rock in your shoe.  This their goal and when accomplished makes adherence to silly old docs written by a “bunch of old white men” no longer relevant in the modern Progressives mind.

Looking further down the road I think one should ask the question:  What if NoBama gets another 4, what happens after that?  Can it all be undone, could another Reagan turn the boat around like he did after Carter?  I have not dwelled on this, but like we were told by the gov’t, ‘too big to fail’, I think the answer would be:  To broke to fix!


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