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Czar of CEO Pay, Unions and YOU!

NoMoObama has appointed the Czar of pay "Special Master of Compensation" (official title).

Some will cheer as its going to get the CEO's that are being paid a $M per day PLUS expenses etc under control.

Here is how its going down:

1)  CEO Pay of companies that took bailout $

2)  Senior Management of companies that took bailout $

3)  All companies in the Automotive and Financial sector

LOL, I don't have to worry, I am just a 'step-in-fetch it' here, just a shuck in jive line worker.

Besides we have UNIONIZED and I am a member of the AFL NoMoBama, Local Chapter 412.

Ahhh yes grasshopper NoMoBama LOVES unions OR does he?  If you think he does then you need more homework.

Sure NoMoObama wants unions.  That is how he intends to CONTROL YOUR PAY 'step-in-fetch it'!

The govermint cannot control the pay of Ziggy Belcher because the govermint has no idea what he does and cannot reach down to the individual level.  Nor can it just say everybody gets their pay controlled...can not get there from here.  

Instead NoMoBama needs someone to control the workers pay and he can dictate to them...this is the UNIONS who in case you don't know it, CONTROL PAY...DUH!!!!

Don't think this will work?  Suggest you study how the USSR did it...why do you think unions are so strong in Europe?  So YOU with the broom in your hand chuckling thinking NoMoBama is NOT looking at your paycheck better think twice.

Still support UNIONS?

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