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Der Klinton's Tax Return$

What are rebelling against?

“What’ya you got?”

Marlin Brando, The Wild One’s, 1956

$109 Million in 7 years.  Now that is not bad money for a guy who has NEVER held a paying job like the rest of us.

What might amaze some is that these two folks with eyeball deep ties to socialism and communism are mega millionaires.  I am not amazed for any cursory review of history will show that indeed those who aspire to leadership and claim to look out for the common man and woman are far from being commoners themselves.  This certainly holds true with these two who see themselves as King and Queen.

Aside from that and as they say the devil is in the details and I would like to know the details behind the $109 M bucks.  We might also want to know about the Der Klinton ties to the Saudi Royal family who have paid him up as much as $15M.  Just don't hold your breath waiting on an explanation.

Never think these two have ANYTHING other than themselves in mind when it comes to America.  In fact they despise our country as it is.  Truly feeling and believing that if only they are the King and Queen all will be right with America.

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