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Doom & Gloom

Not sure its a doom and gloom, but a realization of reality. We are moving from a capitalist society to a socialist economic model being led by radical Black Liberation Muslim whose resume is not as strong as Buddy, my coon dog, who in fact owns his own successful corp, yes a business HE started and built NOT Obama. We know more about George Washington and his life than we do Obama. A man whose 4 years have been riddled in corruption and Epic Failure socially, economically and in Foreign policy.

I have been watching politics since 'Ike'. Ike was family and a military officer like my father who served with him. In my lifetime I have never see our government and our country in more turmoil to include the 60's.

As a keen watcher of politics and govt I am seeing a country and govt in the throes of failure, just today Moody's again warned the US about a possible downgrade in its credit rating, we are failing and our leadership is failing...but then he has a lifetime of failure, not success, he has succeeded at nothing and has surrounded himself with failures in his own image, radicals and retreads from the 60's whose only contribution to America was to burn a flag.

Suggest you study the 10 years leading up to WWII and the rise of Hitler and a review of failed dictatorships, communist and socialists countries since WWII with special focus on USSR, its rise and fall. All this will lead ANYONE to some stunning revelations and a near comical view of the White House and it band of bumbling fools. Certainly as a career solider I had little use for the USSR but at no time and even today under Putin would I ever call Russia's leadership incompetents, therefore I find it amazing that 50% of America would vote a communist-welfare-socialist state, however what I find far more incredible is that they would fall for and allow a leader who at the very best is only an amateur and at his worst is buffoon. No matter his tack the only results will be failure and his track record of that is lifelong.

What does it say about our voters who voted for him. I am sure that historians will ponder on this for centuries to come. What comes to mind is the fable of the Goose that laid the golden egg. America, from 1940 to about 1975 accomplished more for itself and the world than all of the countries of the world combined in all of known history...and today 50% of America and it reelected leaders are HELL BENT on destroying it. Perhaps the real reason is and I will take a page from the extreme left playbook, is: Racism. And where this country is going is into Tyranny of the Minority Majority. Racism is universal, not just allocated to whitey as some would have us believe. The very foundation of this country is based upon a few pieces of paper (founding documents) "written by a bunch of old white men who owned slaves", a phrase I first heard in college and is still being bantered around by the left and its followers. In the lefts eyes our founding documents at best should be on display at the Smithsonian Museum in the Right Wing and at worst should be shredded. Their buzz word is "they should be LIVING documents", meaning shredded...

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