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Go Solar

San Antonio is letting taking bids for a 400 MW solar array.

Projected costs is just under .02 cents per KW, to retail at .09 cents per kw (if I read correctly) The current largest array is 97MW, in Europe.

Why is this smart?

1) ALL users in San Antonio, Texas and the US benefit from this

2) Its the ONLY way Solar (at this time) makes ANY sense, financial or otherwise. While I guess they feds may be kicking in some monies I have yet to read where they are. More importantly is that we the people (taxpayers) and not having too, yet we all share in its benefits.

3) This is the most efficient use of solar. The KEY problem with solar and wind is that when the sun don't sun and the wind don't blow you are DEAD in the water...sure you can mitigate that by either of two ways: a) battery array, b) remain on the grid.

4) Economy of scale: More is cheaper. [Buy one solar panel for $200 bucks, buy 100 for $150 or buy 1000 for $100 each (example ONLY) and yes I know at sometime point in time the law of diminishing returns kicks in and its not a linear argument.] San Antonio CPS Energy ( ) the largest city own energy company in the US. They provide power from the grid and backup power from other grids. Point: CPS does not need to buy a battery array!!!!!!!! Cloudy day, not problemo, they pull off the grid or other grids.

Take Away: I bring this up because as I read what Rich has done, and I see what San Antonio has done I have to ask myself, WHY is the FEDERAL govt NOT supporting more solar, more spite of the Lyin Sack in Chief words the fact is is all BS. In fact I see not governmental effort other than words.

Before someone says what about wind. The wind generators have all but been shut down in the US, few are allowed to even spin any more...with ONE EXCEPTION...TEXAS! We lead the nation and most of the world in wind generated electricity. WHY? ALL the wind generators are on PRIVATE Property and privately owned! Thus the 'Save the _________ bird' law suits that have brought the wind business to its knees in the US, have not been able to get a foot hold in Texas. The 'Center for BioDiversity' in Tucson has stopped nearly all wind development and nearly ALL SOLAR development. But when done by PRIVATE enterprise on private lands then the birds and turtles that have stopped most wind and solar. The major solar arrays that were to be built in the deserts of Cali and Nev have all been scrapped due to a turtle.

If you want off the grid Rich has the answer, but for the rest of us who cannot afford then San Antonio has the solution...we hope.¯

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