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Government Shutdown II

Government Shutdown II

As we go into week 2 the drumbeat by the President, his sycophants and the liberal media that talk of a default on the money we owe.  “Prevent a economic shut down and worldwide catastrophic meltdown”.  The reality is, this is not the case at all.  At midnight on 17 Oct, the US does NOT go into default.  That is not what raising the debt limit is about.  The debt limit is the “BORROWING” limit.  This is our ability to borrow money and the Feds project that revenues for this Oct will be about $225 Billion.  Fact is we have enough money coming in to pay our mandatory Social Security requirement and to service our Federal debt, which in including interest is about $23 Billion for Oct.

We don’t have a borrowing problem, we have a spending problem!

Now ask yourself, how many of you have been affected by this so-called shutdown?  Currently about 83% of the govt is being funded.  This also tells me that about 20% of govt workers are not needed…and I would say based upon my time in the govt that is a very, very conservative estimate.

Our Veterans:  My question and concern is not as much Obama on the subject of our vets.  We know he hates our guts, knowing that and in the case of the soldiers who died and their families being denied benefits, WHERE are our GENERAL OFFICERS.  I find them worse than Obama; they in fact wear the uniform.  How about knocking on the door of the WH, calling a press conference and stating their displeasure.  NOT only will Obama leave our soldiers on the battlefield but also he will not even respect the dead ones who died for HIM.

While the Vets on the Wash DC Mall were met with ARMED guards and threats, ILLEGAL immigrants were being welcomed just a short distance away.

Why are we spending more money guarding closed National Parks to keep Veterans out than it costs to keep them open?

Since Congress pass a resolution to back government workers all their missed pay, then WHY are then not back at work.  What a vacation they are getting:  Full pay and benefits, unemployment pay and benefits, no loss of vacation time and not having to work either.  Business is not down, in fact the malls are booming, sure the small businesses found on the road to work their business is down, but the workers are all out can you say P A R T Y at the taxpayers expense…

Obama belongs in PRISON

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