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Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown


800,000+ government employees furloughed, football games not played, national parks closed and the beat goes on.  Having spent 26 years in the government, I have seen a few shutdowns.  Here are a few things you are not likely to hear on most national news media.


Highly unlikely a single govt employee will miss a dime in pay.  In fact, most really love shutdowns.  Time off without being docked vacation time and in the end, they will end up with more money in their pocket.  Congress will most likely give them ‘retroactive pay’ for all the time they miss.  Then to add insult to us taxpayers, most managers will use this as a time to work ‘overtime’.  Miss a week, then you will need to work an extra 40 hrs. to catch up on your what is in reality a part-time job anyhow.  The benefits of working for the govt are amazing aren’t they?  Even if there is no real requirement to work overtime for imaginary catch-up work then will drop down into what is called in govt speak as:  ‘slo-ro’.


"Slo-Ro" is a spoken term for "Slow-Roll".  It means exactly what it says.  I have heard it many times when in a meeting the question gets asked, 'what are we going to about _______?'  And the big boss just says slo-ro it!  This means bury it, we do not want to be involved in the action, want no part of it.  Slow it down to the point we need to work overtime to accomplish it or provide our input.


If you watch, Fox News this am you might have noticed the WWII Memorial in DC was closed.  Well this like much of what is supposedly shut down is really just open space parks or memorials; there are NO govt employees assigned or present.  In fact, in order to close they govt had to send out employees to erect fences where there are none to close it off.  Much of what is closed affects no govt employees in any way, but does make for good liberal press, nothing else.


As for those 800,000+ employees.  My experience is that were they let go permanently we the people would never notice and in fact be better served.


Take away:  We the people are being scammed by a government hell bent on tyranny of we the people.


What can you do about it:  If you saw Fox News then you saw WWII veterans in their 90’s do what we the people need to do.  Cut the police tape on the fence, remove the fence and walk onto the sidewalk to view THEIR MEMORIAL!  Isn’t it time for us to ‘just say NO!’

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