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Guns, the UN and America

The goal is to "harmonize" our laws with Mexico and Canada. At completion of that the next step is to "blend" our laws with Islamic law and the UN will take over as the ONE world government.

Of all the candidates running for office (and now there are only 3) 2 of them fully support this. I will give you 3 guesses as to who the 2 are and the first two guesses don't count.

At this point in history the 2nd Amendment RKBA is the ONLY that is stopping this from happening.

But lets back track a bit.

Under the rule of Der Klinton he promised to deliver on several things.

1) Change the military nuclear mission statement from "Scorched earth to NO retaliation . Note this was accomplish the first week he was in office.

2) Open up the military to OPEN homosexually. He almost pulled it off but had to settle for "don't ask, don't tell" Der Klinton knew this would destroy the esprit de corp and the very fabric of our military.

3) Consolidate all federal law enforcement under the command of the President (CIA, FBI, ATF, SS, Federal Marshal's etc) Der Klinton tried very hard to accomplish this but failed.

4) Repeal the 2nd Amendment and or have federal registration of all firearms. He failed on the 2nd Amendment but (and I do NOT know this for a fact) I beleive that the feds are keeping records of all firearms bought and sold. The only loophole is the gun shows and expect that to be closed when the next DimOkrat takes office.

Looking forward how will this unfold. If HBillary takes office and that is the plan, and assuming that the check marks are in the boxes above along with the harmonizing and blending of laws the UN take control. The UN will be led by (go ahead take a guess) you got it...wife is President he is head of the UN.

Everything thing was working to some extent until some black guy threw a wrench into the works. Turns out Barack Hussein Obama doesn't quite see it that way and the thought of a Klinton Dynasty is not in his cards.

I have already posted on this before so I will not go into detail. But, and I discuss the "Tyranny of the Majority Minority". Obama knew like anyone does that the black vote which Der Klintons have always taken for granted ("I was America's first black president"). The only mistake Obama made was that he thought as the black votes so does the Hispanic...wrong.

But if he can get them in alignment then the minorities can control the outcome of the Presidential elections. Either by stupidity or on purpose the laws, rules and regulation that affect minorities are in fact federal law and are quite specfic. They ONLY apply to minorities as spelled out by law, black, Hispanic, Eskimo, American Indian etc. What the law does NOT say is minority as based upon % of population. DUH!

Those of you who keep up with things already know that we the white man/woman will be in the minority soon. BUT the law is not written to ever favor us as a minority group instead it will continue to favor the minority groups as stated evermore.

Obama is not a Muslim instead he is a "devout Christian" If you know ANYTHING about his church and its leader you will never believe that. If he gets elected then watch as the worlds Muslims dance in the streets. Allah only knows that the United States of America is led by Barack Hussein Obama...why is it I think there will be 40 some odd presidents who roll over in their graves.

Remember the only support for guns is the white man and when our guns are confiscated we are history.

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