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Hail King NoBama our Dictator

I STRONGLY feel the Constitution will be tested, in fact I believe our whole system of gov't will be tested by NoBama in the coming election.

IF he can get Congress to go along with the UN Weapons treaty ban, which bans all weapons globally save a few single shot 22/shotguns for HUNTING ONLY. This will get the guns out of our hands and allow the govt to do as it sees fit. Think WACO.

This is what is going to take place in JAN of 13.

1) the coming election will be the dirtiest in US history, rivaling that of many banana republics.
2) if the Republicans win the margin will be by the slimmest of margins, like the Owl Hore vs Bush election.
3) NoBama has a huge base, he is still at near 50% who vote for him. He has goons, 'ACORN', and soldiers anyone as in the 45 MILLION who live off welfare and food stamps. They will riot in every city in the US, loot, steal, burn, rape and murder and the LA RIOTS PROVED that NOTHING or NO ONE will go to jail for the crimes they commit.
4) NoBama will have a press conf, at night in prime time for an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. He will state that the Republicans, led by Bush rigged the election, he will state that he is NOT stepping down and that he will continue to serve the American people.
5) NoBama will become a dictator, his intent to remain in office for as long as his masters (George Soros etc) want him to and that is BEYOND 4 more...

What can change this? A decisive Republican win is the ONLY answer and it must be a STRONG win or he will just say I am staying on. And who will stop him? WHO will ring the doorbell on the WH door and say Mr Obama YOU are NO LONGER PRESIDENT, come with us? WHO? He has the SS (secret service) they are different than anyone else in the military or civilian LEO. They are ZEALOTS, they will, WITHOUT hesitation take a bullet, they will in spite of reality, our Constitution, election results or any logic and arguments...they will stand behind the POTUS 101%. Their allegiance is to the OFFICE of the President and to the POTUS, they will NOT waiver.

FBI: The guy that heads up the FBI is an APPOINTEE, he won't fold

CIA: The guy that heads up the CIA is an APPOINTEE, he won't fold, BUT its a 4 star GO, would he? I don't think so and the CIA's mission is NOT a domestic one unless things have radically changed, they deal with the international side of the house so he can take a PASS.

Congress: Harry Reid? Speaker of the House and the Republicans. So we have about <250 folks MAX that will knock on the door and the SS is not going to let them in.

The Public: What, you gonna write a letter to the editor, to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank?

The GOONS: ACORN, 45 Million who live off the govt teat, he has 90% of the BLACKS on his side come hell or high water, and most other minorities. All he has to do it send word and the streets of America will run red with blood of riots. The Blue states will do nothing. Texas, AZ and a few other states will fight back and martial law will be declared in those states and suddenly the NG comes UNDER the control of the Military and guess who is the CiC?

We are a heartbeat away from a dictatorship, NoBama is nothing but a pawn of the left (George Soros and friends), the media, Hollywood, and as of the last Gallup poll nearly 50% have said they will vote for him AGAIN!

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