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Headlines:  President Declares National State of Emergency!

When elected President in my first and ONLY 24 of being seated before I turn it over to someone else!  I will as you President.  Declare a national state of emergency and as a result:

1)  DRILL IT!  Nothing, I mean NOTHING is off limits.  Snail Farter may become extinct, tough shitskey.  House, beach, church, shopping mall in the way, too bad, we are drilling here.  Find a wet spot in the desert somewhere and it looks like oil (since there are 5 empty cans and an oil filter laying next to it) DRILL IT, DRILL IT DEEP, DRILL IT HARD, DRILL IT till the bit reams the ass of some chinaman on the other side of the globe.

2)  Any individuals that have to move out of their house or farm or what ever, shares in the profits

3)  Oil companies will be 100% responsible to run a clean operation and responsible for any and all damages

4)  Just like Las Vegas, what gets DRILLED here STAYS here!

5)  Oil companies will join up with Colleges, Universities, 'think tanks', nations largest utility companies (gas and electric), domestic auto companies.  

6)  Oil companies will NOT pay taxes but instead fund the research and development of (see #5):  

a)  Advanced Solar panels that exceed 50% efficiency by year 2

b)  Advanced engine and fuel development that exceeds todays gasoline engines.  30+ miles per gallon, 0-60 in under 6 sec by year 2

7)  The heads (CEO, Presidents, Chairman/Chairwoman, Vice President of the US, Head of Dept of Energy, etc) of every organization will be held responsible and accountable to the people of the US, known as taxpayers.  Clear and defined objects, goals and milestones will be identified and met.  Failure to do so, the heads will be lookin for work.  

8)  Accountability will take place every other year on the start date anniversary.  Pay and bonus will be predicated upon performance.  Fail to preform and your last paycheck is all there is, no golden parachutes, no stock options, no use of company jet for the next 20 years, NADA, ZIP, ZERO, hit the road Jack and don't let the door slam on you as you leave!

9)  CITGO/Hugo Chavez, you can sell it to a domestic oil company, you got 1 year to do at the end of that year we 'NATIONALIZE' and its see you later bye!

Any further comments or questions I can be reached at the Oval Office for 24 hours after being sworn in.

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