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Illegal immigration is just that, illegal, no more, no less.  We need to do something about it but it will not be simple or quick.  We have tried amnesty and that does not work.  Here we are today in 2008 and we have at least 12 Million IA over here and few are anything other than Mexicans.  Of the majority of the Mexicans here illegally the biggest majority hold jobs, send money home and in reality are here for another reason besides doing harm to American and Americans.  The construction industry would come to a halt in the Southwest were it not for them.  Roofers are Mexicans and no one does a better job.

How to solve the problem:

First we are NOT going to round up 12-Million people and ship them out of here, why, the logistics of this simply boggle the mind and our wallets too.

How about we try this:  If you are an illegal alien and you have a job and pay taxes then show up at you local Illegal Alien Office and bring your pay stub and your W2 if you have been here long enough to pay taxes.  We will register you and give you a wallet size Blue, right to work card.  On that card will be your unique R2W ID number, don't lose that card that number is your right to be here.  This unique R2W ID # will be what you use to file your income tax with.  At the end of 10 years of steady work and no felony crimes of any kind, we will put you on the list to become a naturalized citizen.  You will need to meet the requirements for that.

Sound fair?  Failure to file your taxes gets you on America's most wanted and a one-way ride home.  Failure to work 10 months out of 12, gets you on America's most wanted and a one-way ride home.  We WILL contact your employer and we will estimate you income based upon working 10 months out of the year.  Get a felony conviction and you got it, you are out of here.

If you want to come to America for a better future for you and your family, are willing to work and pay taxes and keep your nose clean then we WANT YOU.  If not, stay away as we will pursue you to the fullest extent of the law.

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