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Katrina, a disaster, 300 years in the making.  300 years ago, the French built a city and built a dike to protect it from
the ocean and that is where it began. 

159 years ago, the first welfare check was handed out to someone in need and the beginnings of human bondage that has eclipsed even the Civil War has endured. 

Who is at fault and should we address fault or just move forward.  Maybe its
time we addressed who is at fault 

From an infrastructure architecture viewpoint, we can start with the French.
I mean, 300 years ago they knew they were doing something dumb when they had to build a dike to build a city.  That should have given cause for alarm then but it did not.  Moreover, to further the problem, New Orleans has managed to dodge the hurricane bullet for as many years.  Much like a
solider who the longer he stays alive only gets braver in combat.  New
Orleans became complacent and ever more brave until it was struck right
between the eyes.  Here we can place blame on the French and everybody that has built or lived there and thumbed their collective noses at Mother
Nature. As New Orleans sunk, the people played until it was 12’ below sea
level.  Guess this gives credence to the old axe, “hard to pull out in the
middle of a good screw.” 

That was easy; we blamed everyone for the past 300 years.  Nevertheless,
what about the disaster that has taken place, who is to blame for that?
First, you do not blame Mother Nature.  Maybe everyone collectively for
burying his or her heads in the sand to what could be.  For the continuous
party atmosphere that mostly served to reinforce the viewpoint that “can’t
touch us”. 

Nevertheless, lets begin to pinpoint blame.  If the pot boils over on the
stove, are you or the HOA, city, county, state, or Federal government
responsible?  Moreover, so it goes up the chain of command with each one who is
responsible notifying the one above of requirements for help and assistance. 

New Orleans knew this was coming 300 years ago when the French built the
first dikes.  It appears many Mayors have shirked their duty over the years.
As have the Parrish and State officials. The Feds are not totally without
fault, for they also knew of possible consequences of a Cat 5 hurricane.
However, the Feds are responsible for a nation, not a State, not a Parrish,
not a city, not you or your home.

The Feds knew Katrina was coming, in fact they told everybody, when and
where and they told them a week in advance.  So where were the plans that
New Orleans had worked on for the past 300 years? Most of all, who was in
charge?  New York pulled itself together only hours after the planes struck,
because someone stepped up and took charge and responsibility, not because they had a plan for planes flying into buildings. Mayor Rudy took charge and assumed responsibility.  However, not in the city of New Orleans, it’s Parrish or even the Governor of the state.  For those of you not up on your
Constitutional reading or the basis for the Civil War, you are in for a
surprise.  The Feds cannot wander into a state or city with Federal troops
and take over. This is America, its does not work that way.  The Mayor has
many assets at his disposal, if they cannot handle it, then he turns to the
Parrish and state for help and support.  The Governor sends in the Louisiana
National Guard and then asks for further assistance from the Feds.  The last
thing any citizen wants is the Feds making the decision when to declare
martial law and show up guns blazing.

The Feds were not late in arriving, they were late being invited!

Looks like the genesis for blame lays at the feet of the New Orleans Mayor
and the state Governor for not seeing the train wreck they were told about,
about to happen. 

FEMA should have been brought in by the Mayor before the hurricane hit.
Would things have been or gone differently?  I doubt it, FEMA has a rich
history of failed leadership, piss-poor planning and overall incompetence.
A government agency that should have been eliminated a long time ago.  Now FEMA is a part of another Federal agency, The Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS). 

Nevertheless, what about the people that were most affected?  Racism, class
warfare, or just no one cared.  To start with, they did not want leave their
home. Should the local or federal government had forced them out?  The Feds lacked the authority and if anyone had it, then it would have been at the local and state level, not somebody in Washington DC.  Is it their fault
that our country has spent 1 Trillion $ on welfare since 1964 and all that
we can show for it is more people of welfare.  Welfare as we know it is
simply socialism.  In spite of the talking heads on TV who say, “the role of
the Federal Government is to protect its people” it just ain’t so.  Matter
of fact, its not the role of any government “to protect its people”.  The
role of the Feds is to protect these shores of this nation.  Does that
include it people?  Yes, it does wholly but not individually. Often I see
pasted on the side of patrol cars of cities the phrase “to serve and
protect”.  Not sure, what pompous police chief dreamed that one up but it’s as far from the truth.  Not sure how 1500 police in New Orleans could protect a city of 600k. 

Why are these poor folks in Ward 9 in the shape they are in?  Ward 9’s are
all over the US.  In addition, it is right where many folks in Congress want
them. Wards of the state, paid to vote for the many in Congress who believe
that the Government is here to take care of its people, that personal choice
and freedom is a bad thing, taxes should be collected and redistributed so
as all have.  Take from the rich, give to the poor. “Take from each
according to their ability, give to each according to their needs” ( Karl
Marx). “The Governmint needs to provide jobs” (Jesse Jackson). 

Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, but he did not free them from the bonds of
Congressional slavery. 

Bottom line:

·      Blame fools for building and continuing to build a city 12 feet below sea

·      Blame the people of New Orleans for being fooled for 300 years that Mother Nature would never visit

·      Blame city and state leaders for being incompetent for the lack of
planning and inept in their failure of leadership

·      Blame FMEA and OHS for aiding and abetting local and state officials in
their foolish ways

·      Blame Congress and its socialist desires of putting a people into a
slavery far worse than anything man has known, slavery of the mind and body,
our welfare state.

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