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Me 'n Obama

I follow poltics and economics on a daily basis, always have.

So way back there was this black guy (no he is not black and as far as we know has no roots to being black in modern times, he is an Arab).  He came on the scene as a young US Senator, was educated in Law at Harvard, and was a Constitutional scholar.  Now I liked that and felt he had promise and might well be worth my vote.

Then I began to peel back the layers of the onion and what I saw was that he was all hat and no horse, all talk and nothing under him.  It was then I saw Obama as just another 'empty suit'.  I mistakenly wrote him off thinking he would never go anywhere.

But as I continued to peel away the layer of the onion I discovered Obama was far from being an empty suit.  In fact he was all horse and very little hat.

Obama had LOTS of things to say, but not likely he was every going to say them until somewhere down the road and that somewhere is AFTER he is elected, NOT before.

So I listened to the debates and Obama was smooth and carried himself well, but always stumbled when he had to speak without his teleprompter.  He never did say much mostly little quips here and there and of course the never ending drone of 'CHANGE'.  Later I was to find out what 'CHANGE' meant.  

Then in the second debate he let slip a short sentence and I am sure few caught it and not one of his supporters did.  He said "I will bring about a fundamental change in our economic system"!  I heard it and could not have missed it for when I heard that he literally SCREAMED what he meant.  Our, the American system is and has been fundamentally based upon CAPITALISM.  But Obama is a socialist.  Take from the rich and give to the poor socialist.  A 'take from each according to his ability and give to each according to his need socialist, right out of the pages of Marxism.

By then even the far left media had paraded his 'FRIENDS' out for all of us to see and view.  The Rev J Wright, Bill Ayers, Franklin Rains, Louie the Lip Farakhan, ACORN and the list never seems to end.

Now most of us have know at one time or another some unsavory folks.  A good friend of mine was a major player in the Black Panthers and I shared many a cup 'o joe on the college campus and a few beers in some bars in Dallas back in those days.  Inside Robert was a good man and the man I saw and knew was totally different than the man seen sometimes on TV and in the newspapers...why????

But in Obama's case the string of unsavory friends seems to go on forever and they are the kind of folks that make my friend Robert seem like a choir boy.  I never heard him speak about hating America, bombing the Pentagon.  These all seem to come out of the mouth of Obama's running buddies.  And for Obama to say he 'NEVER HEARD' them speak of ______ is like Slicky Willy telling us he smoked but didn't inhale only Monica did.

So I have come from considering him for my vote to aborning the very sight of him on TV.  I see Hussein NoBama for the socialist he is, that anti-American, the non flag supporting person he really is.  His hatred for America and our military, our soldiers, our way of life and our God.  NoBama will sell this country out to the UN and to the Muslims.  America will give up its sovereignty to the UN.  To quote NoBama again as he say in Berlin, "I am a citizen of the world".  Well NoBama, I am not and no true American is or will ever be.

So for all you NoBama lovers and there are plenty on this forum in spite of the fact that most lack the guts to say anything.  I know who they are and its just not those they lay back and rarely post, but its some of the wanna-be hardcore Jeepers on here and the other AVJC.  Just like NoBama they too leave a slime trail everywhere they go and as you peel back the layers you only find rot.

NoBama like the Piped Piper is leading you down the path into the jaws of hell on earth.  If you think that his $Trillion dollar budget over and above will be paid for by Bill Gates and friends you need to clear the smoke from your crack pipe.  No socialist country has ever been successful...DUH!  And drinking NoBamaAide is not going to change that.  Sure NoBama promises you that 95% of the people will get a tax cut.  Then the rest of the $$ will come from the other 5% of tax payers.  Gates who is one of if not the richest man in the world only had $52 BILLION before the stock market crashed.  $52 Billion folks and its takes 1,000 Billion to make 1 Trillion.  Every wonder just how many times NoBama can go to the Bill Gates well?

Let me give you a HARD FACT:  The top 5% don't have a TRILLION to give.  Unless you are drinking NoBamaAide.

So drink up cause you are gonna need a lot of NoBamaAide in order to believe for the next 4 years.

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