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Military vs Medicare

Can't do it, think its bad now, gonna get worse than you can imagine....WHY?

I have been predicting this for years, since way before Obammy:

We have the strongest military in the world by ANY measure, ANY!  WHY?

WE (the US) has walked the day shift and night shift as the cop on the world beat since WWII.  2 things came i into play.

!) Nazi/Hitler Germany

2) Imperial Japan

We wanted to make sure neither ever rise from the ashes.  So we stood in the Fulda Gap to keep the Rusky's at bay, occupied Ger to keep a lid on that, occupied Japan and the rest of the East Asia.  The result was no country in the free world bothered with much of a military, why should they, the US would protect.  And that we did, in spades!

Suddenly they (the other countries) has money to burn and did not mind smelling smoke.  But while we stood ready to defend from evil forces we did not pay attention to the creeping communist-marxists-socialist movement always promising something for nothing, free, free, free, medical care, pensions with full salary as young as in their 40's, hired for life, strong unions, vacation and time off so liberal it was possible to work only months out of the year and liberalism ran amok.  Now they are paying the price with collapsing economies.

We are now in the process of leaving our job for over 60 years as the cop on the beat...the FREE healthcare will cost $2.5 TRILLION dollars according to the Feds estimate.  Someone has to be the bill payer and the best place to go for the money is DoD, Carter did it ( I lived thru it), Klinton did it ( I lived thru part of it, I retired).  I will tell you we can almost dismantle the military in 1 year, but to rebuild it takes about 8-12 years and BILLIONS $$$$.  The reason why is you lose all the officer and enlisted backbone of the military.  THe military is so complex it takes min 10 years on active duty to begin the grasp the operations.  Till then you are in a learning mode only in your time past 10 years are you productive.

Could we, should we?  Why did we not at some point in being the cop on the beat tell the free countries of the world cops are not free, freedom is not free and they will pay for us to walk the beat or they can build their own military or just let the Rusky's take over.  Trust me they would have coughed up the bucks.  In fact what has happened is worse, every payday in every place we are in the world, we PAID them to be the cop on the beat and they lapped it up like dogs going after a bone.  And the engine that propelled the world economy was so efficient, so profitable that it ran the world, and paid and paid and we still had the highest quality of life of anyplace on the face of this planet...that lasted until the govt INTERVENED with rules, regs, EPA and crushing taxes.

What is that huge SUCKING SOUND?  That is the sound of the ever growing vacuum we are leaving behind as our military assumes its new posture of a "1-front" military,  We have always had a military that operated on 3 fronts:  Ability to carry the fight to the enemy in 2 separate theaters of operation, Pacific, Atlantic and defend these shores.  A 1-front military will only be able to defend our shores.  You can bet that the vacuum will not last long, the world sees it now and the only ones big enough to fill it are China and Russia.

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