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"Move the Monkey"

"Move the Monkey":  If you have been watching the Syria events play out, you have seen the monkey moved.  First Obama stated he was drawing a "red line in the sand and if they started moving or using gas he was going to take action".  Now if you have been following this Obama, he is saying he never said that, but the "world said it" and "Congress said it".  Then he moved the monkey to Congress on making a decision on whether or not we attack.  So the answer be it ya or nay now rests on the shoulders of Congress.  Moreover he is rolling the dice that the upcoming 9.11 brings another catastrophic event.  If we don't attack then the people to blame will be the Republicans who nixed it and the Syrians felt emboldened to attack us; if we do attack, again its the fault of the Republicans and 9.11 as payback.  His goal is to setup Congress and the Republicans to take the hit; he has moved the monkey and Congress fell for it.

My take on Syria.  I view this out of my eyes as a career professional soldier, one who fought the bad guys in the bloody arena on the killing fields of this world and from advanced military schooling and working at the Doctrinal development of war planning for many years. 

It appears the prime contention is Syria has used chemical weapons of mass destruction on women and children and we need to take action.

1)  They are not the first in recent times and far from being the worst offender of killing innocents over the past few decades.  We have done nothing in most all cases

2)  They have a reported 1000 Tons of chemical weapons

3)  IF the goal is to prevent further use of chemical weapons then the only way that will happen is by eliminating the weapons themselves.  Talk about sending some missiles into Syria to take out some planes and helicopters are foolish as best.  Chemical weapons can be delivered my many means, airborne, ground and by artillery and other means.  Firing some missiles over there will accomplish nothing.  In addition, with as much notice as Obama has given them their weaponry are already secured in and around hospitals, mosques, city center, and non-combatant living areas…the places where we do not attack.  Zero accomplished other than his personal ego.

4)  Chemical weapons:  This is rough stuff.  It takes extreme heat from a contained source to destroy the chemicals.  If not properly built and run the result is chemicals will be released into the air and result in possible deaths.  That said, we could nuke the storage points, which would vaporize them.  Clearly, that is not an option.  The ONLY other approach is to put “boots on the ground” to locate and capture the chemicals, then send over Chemical teams to rid Syria of these weapons of mass destruction.

5)  Other factors:  This is a Civil War, amongst bad folks, none of which has any love for the US!  Both sides will consider anything we do to interfere as an act of war!  There is no current threat to the US!  Obama has stated “there is no rush to do this, its can come today, tomorrow or next month or next year”.

We have no business over there. Syria is a sovereign country and any action we take can and most likely will have major repercussions to the US sooner or later.  Syria is also supported by both Russia and China.  In the final analysis, there is nothing we can do that will change the situation in that country and any interference by us will not be beneficial to them or us.

This is how I see with the information available at the time of this writing

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