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NY Governor E Spitzer

This guy is a real jewel.  Spent $80k getting his butt spanked by some hooker.  First the guy cannot be real smart paying a hooker $1000k bucks an hour.  Hell if it had been me I would have told her when she said $1k an hour...Now that we have established what you are, how about a $20 spot?

Personally I hope this guy sees the inside of a jail.

Then there is is wife and family.  Sure hope his wife doesn't a case of Hillary-itis and stand by here man.  I hope that if by some I took a quick exit off the marriage highway that my wife could get thru it and keep me around.  But if I fell off the highway and spent $80k or more over 6+ years of hookers that she would drop kick me thru the goal post of life to the curb and clean my plow in the process.

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