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Obama the Terrorist! Obama the SMART man!

I see lots of questions by even the pundits and by others on the street and on forums as to WHY is Obama talking such trash about our economy, the failure to pass the Stim plan etc.

Instead of talking like the President and America's cheerleader he is talking like we are near the end-of-days rather the beginning of 'hope and change'.

Yes it appears puzzling to a lot of folks on both sides of the aisle, but NOT to everyone.

For those of you with a background in global-geo-political-economic studies then you know that Obama is smart, VERY smart and has learned well from his life's friendships and mentors.

The taking over of a countries government is not an easy task and most advanced countries know this. Those that don't such as found in South America and the 3rd World generally use force to attempt a coup. This is always iffy and often fails. Castro did it and it worked, Hugo Chavez is trying to.

The USSR never invaded the US, nor will China. The only result would be devastation and loss of your 'spoils of war'. Then this begs the question; how do you do it?

Well a lot of folks over the years have identified the how and 'think tanks', State Dept, military, CIA and others watch this on a 24x7 basis. The US has teams of country and region SME's (Subject Matter Experts). These folks live and breathe and speak the native tongue as well if not better than the locals of various countries around the world.

What they look for are trends in the direction of the people and their government. They are also there to predict how it may happen (thru internal or external means, and or thru violence or 'hope and change').

To fundamentally change the economic-political system in the US violence won't work, the Rusky's knew that. But they also knew it could be changed and in fact predicted that "our grandchildren would live under socialism" (Nikita Khrushchev, 1956).

That said just how would one go about effecting this change in the US?

1) You have to have a Presidential candidate that sees socialism as the answer rather than capitalism...and then came Obama

2) Economic conditions need to be fertile for the proper message of 'hope and change'

3) A propaganda machine to carry the message. Our leftist media was ripe

4) Finally there has to be the most powerful of all human emotions in play that affects the majority of Americans. FEAR! Fear for their job, home, family and their financial position in life (loss of value of their savings, 401k etc).  And NOTHING instills FEAR like TERRORISM

Fear will drive the population to follow the leader. Reagan was that leader after the disastrous failed Presidency and leadership of Jimmy Carter (Carter the only President in history that did not get reelected after a change in political parties). Reagan gave America 'hope and change'. Obama PROMISED 'hope and change' and he intends to deliver.

But the change Obama will bring is NOT the change America needs or wants. So what must Obama do? Simple Scare the HELL out of America, every man, woman and child. "the worst economy since the Depression'! Not only no, but hell no. NOT even close in fact currently our economy is NOT in as bad as the one Carter gave us or even close...YET. And its the 'YET' that Obama is working like a master.

He has worked fear so well that Congress passed a $1Trillion so called 'stimulus' bill that Congress has NEVER read or even seen until less than 12 hours before they voted and America, YOU, sat back and just slobber-mouthed that something was better than spite of the fact the Bill will do NOTHING to better your ability to be better off financially (granted, the America worker is expected to see a increase in take home pay of appox $13 per week...don't spend the money all in one place).

Obama is SMART, VERY SMART! He knows this, just like you and I do. The objective is NOT to fix the problem, its to make the problem worse and further convince the people that "only the government can lead us out of our economic problem" and of course ONLY Obama can lead the govermint!

Fear will make you follow Obama like a puppy going after its mother's teat. And if YOU are told its bad enough and the only cure is Socialism then that is the medicine you will take. In the same way that if you are near death or told you are near death from lack of food and water. Then told drinking your own piss-water and eating raw bugs off the ground will save you, expect piss-water and raw bugs to be the meal of the day!

Obama is smart, VERY SMART: Just to make sure you don't wake up from this nightmare and revert back to the American way Obama is going to make sure you can not. How? For those of you who don't know the answer then I can only assume you do not pay TAXES! Obama has strapped your sorry working *** with $1TRILLION dollar bill and more to come. You will NEVER get out of the hole.

Yes Obama is SMART. Illness-Fear + Cure-Socialism + Never getting better-You-your children-your grandchildren Tax Burden = more and more Socialism.

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