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Occupy Wall Street

Things seem to be coming into focus in this race.

What I am beginning to see is a Rommy-Christy pairing.

RINO Rommy seems to be the front runner again and this makes me none to happy.  I think he would be my 3rd or 4th choice at best.

Anyone who does not think Christy has been running are blind.  What he has done benefits him win or lose.  MY guess is he will be RINO Rommy VP choice, thus if they lose he won’t be thought of as the guy who could not beat NoBama, the worst POTUS in history, but puts in in the que for2016.  If they win, then he is in the que for either ’16 against Rommy or in 2022.

As I predicted many moons ago as the race heats up the race heats up.  Yea, the ole RACE card is starting to come into play.  The all out attack machine is in full force against Cain and they are all black.  This will spread to ANYONE who is running against our Messiah, a vote for anyone other than the anointed one is a racist vote.

Perry:  Ole Rick has taken a beating from outside the Republican camp and inside as well, add in his lack of smoothness in the debates and the weight around his neck is just too much and he will soon fade from the scene.

The Dims want RINO Rommy, he is so far from being a conservative that its my guess they feel he will not pull the conservative base or the Christian vote, either of those two happen and its NoBama by a landslide.

Then there is the fright factor.  The “occupy Wall Street” is our first peak into what I predict will be much, much more as the election year goes on.  The reason why the protesters have no coherent message and most don’t seem to know why they are there I feel is really on purpose.  The POINT is the protest, not the protest agains Wall Street, its the act of the protest itself.  They are all across the US and they are developing their base for the protests...errr RIOTS to come.  These folks are the soldiers and they are the very forward line, behind them are the Unions, ACORN and more to come.  Now one might notice that few blacks are there, that is not by omission or accident.  The word has not gone out.  When it comes time they will join in.  You need to know who is in charge of this movement...Hussein Obama and his class warfare mantra.

’12 is going to be a rough year in the history of this country and in fact “a day that will live in infamy”!  About 2500 people died at Peal Harbor, but there is a good chance that a country will die in 2012.

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