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Oil Crises?

Want to solve the problem then this would be my approach and when elected to office for the 24 hours I intend to serve as your President this is what I will do (among other things).

1) Drill out way out of it. There is no sacred spot between the waters North of Alaska and South into the Gulf of Mexico, West of Kalifornia and East of Florida. Think there is oil under a school, hospital or church, bingo, we are punching a hole.

To answer your question: Can we drill our way out of it? 

YES WE CAN and provide enough oil to last THIS country many many years.

2) Stop all false economy ideas: Corn and other crops used as fuels, electric cars, fuel cells and any other harebrained idea that DOES NOT WORK. In fact leave cars alone until what time there is a solution to replace gasoline/diesel that makes sense and will pass the test of economy of scale.

To answer your question: 

Since transportation uses the most fuel then why not attack the transportation problem that is where the big savings are? 

Right, BUT the problem is 'bigger than a breadbox', meaning the scale it too large. We have more cars than people in the US. Lets say that there is a device that by cutting the fuel line to the engine and inserting the device you instantly double fuel mileage on ANY car, truck, bus, motorscooter. The device costs $10 bucks to make and will retail for $19.95. How long to make, get to the people and install in every set of wheels in America? YEARS. Same thing on schemes to use McDonalds fry oil...great idea but will not scale, we just don't eat enough fry's in the US to do it.

OK fine what is the answer then? Hang on I am getting there.

3) On the day we pass the legislation there are no holds barred on drilling, Section 2 of the bill says the US will form a consortium of colleges and universities, in conjunction with the oil companies and funded by them to research and develop a fuel source for the transportation industry.

Section 3 of the bill will form a consortium of colleges and universities along with solar, wind and electric, gas, and coal companies to research and develop new and improved energy for non-transportation use, residential and commercial.

Section 4 of the bill will form a consortium of colleges and universities along with members of the construction industry, appliances and other energy consuming products to research, develop and create new rules and regulations for improved energy consumption. In example:

a) I recently install a tankless hot water heating system. I have an ENDLESS supply of hot water and I installed it myself with help from another Jeeper. In comparing bills over the past couple of months to the same time of the past years my energy consumption was approx 52 - 59 therms. With the tankless unit it has dropped to 20 - 22 therms. Savings of over 50% on my gas bill.

Click here for writeup and pics of Tankless Hot Water Heater Install:

b) I just insulated the outside of my home, which converted my 2x4 constructed home into the = of a 2x6 constructed home. My walls have gone from 5" thick to 7 1/2" thick. It amazes me that in the US let alone in the SW that building regs do not require 2x6 MINIMUM construction. I expect savings and will report when I am able to capture the data. 

Click here for writeup and pics of Exterior Home Insulate Install:

Solar window screens, window films and the list can go on and on of ways that we can save energy, do it now and put $$$ into our pocket as a result. My gas bill went from $106 to $46... and this past month, the first month without using gas for the central heat, the gas bill has dropped to $28 the lowest gas bill I have ever had in this home...YOU MAKE THE CALL

Bottom line with some leadership and the will of the American people we can turn around our energy useage in a few years, reduce the price of transportation and still drive gas/diesel burning rigs to the trails and have ample oil for energy for this country for most if not all of our lifetimes. The bonus is that we also reduce our import of oil to near zero levels.

All of this can be done in short time. But to do so will take LEADERSHIP at the very top. I would give anything to hear ANY Pres running for office stand up and say that as President he/she will have 2 singular goals: 1) fight the war on terror and win, 2 fight the war on NOT oil independence, but ENERGY independence from the worlds losers. AND failure to accomplish those goals will mean a FAILED term in office, no ifs, ands or buts.

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