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Our Government At Work for U$

Little short on cash to buy that new TV set, no problemo. Want digital TV on that old analog unit, no sweat Uncle Sugar is here to help you out.

Check this out:  TV Converter Box Cupon Program> , fill in the blanks, check is in the mail.

Of course you can avoid the wait for the bucks by just dropping by ANY FRIGGIN TAXPAYERS home and tell them to give you their money.

Start here by clicking on this:

Department of Commerce USA>

Read this:

"the Committee on Energy

and Commerce of the House of

Representatives and the Committee on

Commerce, Science, and Transportation

of the Senate that the initial funding

level is insufficient to fulfill coupon

requests for eligible U.S. households

(Contingent Funds).5 NTIA is, therefore,

authorized to expend up to a total of

$1.5 billion for the program, including

up to $160 million for administration.

Assuming the entire administrative

amount is taken into account, $1.34

billion would be available for

distributing up to 33.5 million coupons.

Extract from:


National Telecommunications and

Information Administration

47 CFR Part 301

[Docket Number: 0612242667—7051—01]

RIN 0660–AA16

Rules to Implement and Administer a

Coupon Program for Digital-to-Analog

Converter Boxes

AGENCY: National Telecommunications

and Information Administration,


ACTION: Final rule."

As published in:

"Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 50 / Thursday, March 15, 2007 / Rules and Regulations 12097"

This is where the gov't has got completely out of control. The mere fact that this stuff is being discussed at the federal level I find alarming. So there is NOTHING else that is important on the national or world stage other than the gov discussing whether or not they need to give folks that don't have a TV capable of digital a signal so they can watch Jerry, JERRY, JERRY Springer.

For those of you who wonder exactly how does the gov't justify this, this use of tax payers money. It is covered in the clause in the Constitution that states "and provide for the general welfare" of the citizens.

And you wonder why we are going broke in America.

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