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'Perfeckt Storm'

The beauty of capitalism or a free market society is that it can flourish anywhere, almost. In fact almost all communist countries are based upon the free market. What got USSR in trouble was is rapid movement from communism to a communist-socialist regime. At that point the downfall was easy.

The best example of a communist-free market is China.

The road to socialism is not always thru communism albeit communism is often the entrance ramp but smart leadership (China) does not let it happen whereas the less smart leader (Hugo Chavez) does.

Under socialism almost everyone works for the state or the bulk of the economy is owned by or controlled by the state which puts the stake in the heart of man called redistribution of income.

Obama/Klinton both are hard line socialists and strongly believe in the redistribution of income.

Your right in saying the 'triple crown' is no gaurantee it will happen. BUT and agreed other factors need to be in place. In fact the 'triple crown' cannot do it on there own unless some key factors are in there.

Key factors: About 10% of the people pay 90% and 20% pay 95% of the Federal taxes. The majority of eligible taxpayers pay NO tax at all and in fact get back more money than they pay in.

Tyranny of the minority-majority: At the same time we have tried to integrate society and bring along the poor we have ONLY made more folks poor and created more minority identification. The result is that EVERYONE EXCEPT white men belong to a minority group. Listen as the winds of politics blow the way of giving minorities something for nothing and doing it by taxing the rich (aka, white men).

Rice Bowl-ism: Bill Gates, who is worth $50B + has more than enough money to pay my mortgage so we need to go after the rich and make them pay THEIR FAIR SHARE. What is not seen is that individuals do not look beyond their own rice bowl.

Federal (socialist) medicne will move about 1/7th of our economy under control by the Feds...we are well on the way to not having a free market if all the money is controlled and managed by the State.

As the clamor for redistribution of income grows louder and promulgated by the likes of DimOkrats, Obama, Klinton to the minorities then they, the minorities vote them in and guess what they have to deliver.

Now it becomes easy as only 10% - 20% of the rice bowls (rich white people) are affected. It also becomes easy. Wonder how many folks would stand up for Bill Gates if the Feds showed up and said, we want $49B of your $50B...does anyone REALLY think ole Bill will miss a meal, have to sell his 50k sq ft home?

50 years of DimOkrat controll of this country and their enslavement of our people with cradle to grave entitlement programs, pandering to those by offering the 'Free Lunch'.

Based upon the above and a few other factors one of which you mention, 'loss of 2nd Amendment RKBA rights then we now have the recipe for the 'Perfeckt Storm'.

Guns and Ammo, currency of the 21st Century...

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