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Racial Comments 

One of the Super Delegates in DimOkrat campaign was outside of her home and the next door neighbors kids were climbing the trees in the front yard.  She told the "monkey's" to get out of the trees.

Of course the minute the next door neighbor heard her call the kids monkey's she called the POLICE.  The police came and gave the woman a TICKET for using a racial slur, "monkey".

She resigned as a Super Delegate today.

We are soon to be a country run by minority groups who will and are taking any comment as a racial slur, in spite of our 1st Amendment Free Speech Rights. 

For those who are interested you might want to do a Goggle search on 'racial slurs'.  There are several databases on them and you will be STUNNED at what is considered a racial slur...Enjoy your day WHITEY! (and that is NOT a racial slur, CRACKER)

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