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Rare Earth

War is on the horizon, be it economic or military there is going to be a war.  I suggest its going to be economic and then possibly military.

Who:  China

Yes I know, this has been poo-poo'd.  They are not a huge economy, in fact a small player and from a military standpoint a near non-player.  BUT there are holding some ACE cards that IMO a lot of folks are either not seeing or just failing to believe their eyes.

ACE cards:  Make no mistake, China is a communist dictatorship.  Capitalism is not an American only idea.  Having been to Vietnam, what I know was there were few folks that worked for a company, but what you had was an incredible capitalist country.  In fact capitalism is the way in all parts of the world, in all of known history and under any form of gov't except socialism.  By virtue of this fact, China is far more capitalist than American is my bet.  But the communist dictatorship controls the money and does as they see fit.  There 'see fit' is to control the world.  And, they are well on their way.

Rare Earth:  China controls 97% of the worlds rare earth production and rare earth is found almost anywhere you have high quality electric motors, lasers, steel, X ray machines, glass, oil refining.  Its a list of 17 elements and they are rare.  Guess who has been slowly cutting back on the world supply to the US????

Energy:  No country in history has been successful without abundant supplies of energy.  Egypt could not have built pryamids with human energy.  In fact human energy was the basis for energy thru the 19th century and America fought a Civil War partly because of it and in many countries today it is still the only form of common available energy.  But for the modern world that energy comes from Petrol products, has most of the 20th century and will continue to do so for some time to come.  China does not have any appreciable oil deposits.  But having lots and lots of money and the US now 'owing its soul to the company store' and that store is China.  What does China do with all its money and payments from the US.  They are buying all the production of oil fields across the globe.  This is easy as most are gov't owned/controlled so they only need to deal with the owner, not a 1000 owners.

Lets review the lineup:

economy based upon capitalism + communist-dictatorship + control of rare earth minerals + control of energy.

Smellin this coffee yet?

China is already beginning to make its move.  My father spent nearly 20 years living in and studying the far East.  I have spent a few years there myself and have a good understanding of how they think and operate.  Speed is NOT of the essence.  They are slow and methodical.  They make moves that are aimed at the long term.  There view is not to win the battle but to win the war.  And the war is global control and wealth.

While rare earth and energy are not all the components in the equation, control over them alone would be like owning 3 of the 4 legs of a table, the only guy who eats from the table is the guy who sets at the corner with the 3 legs.

China operates so slow and deliberate that one can barely see them move, yet moving they are.

The US:  We are going to lose, in fact there is NO WAY we can win or break even.  Take our current debt of over $14 Trillion, now lets convert it into a 'home mortgage':  30 years @ 3% APR.  This is about $1 Trillion per year in payments for 30 years.  Our GDP is about $3.4 Trillion bucks, now to make the $1T payment we need to raise GDP to $4.4 T and not spend any of it on the way there; not likely as long as Harry Reid, Obama and the rest of the nut cases are up there.

We are at war whether we know it or not.  China does not want to fight us on the killing fields and they don't want us to go out of business.  What they want is total control of the world.  Yea I know there are Muslim terrorists out there.  Let me put that in perspective from a Chainaman point of view:  Remember Tiananmen Square!

Chinese could care less about some Muslim terrorists, when China goes to war they kill every living man, woman, dog and cat then burn the city to the ground.

As I am typing, there is some wall street geek saying 'we are going to grow our way out of this credit crunch'.  Yea I agree but only if money grows on trees.

Take Away:  We are at war, and we are on the ropes in the first round.  The Chinese will slowly strangle us to death..

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