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Rice Bowl-ism

Rice Bowl-ism

The 100 Million Americans who support bammy fail to "own a piece of the rock".  Piece of the rock was a TV commercial going way back tot he 60's by Prudential Insurance.  At the close of the commercial they showed their logo which was a large rock most likely the one in Morro Bay Ca and said own a piece of the rock.

That was also the title for a paper I wrote that centered on those on long term welfare (multi-generational) and never paid any taxes.  My premise was that what is given free has little value and what you have to earn and work for is cherished.

What has occurred is we have a large population that that has no ownership in America, in fact America to them is alien.  That said they see the FEDERAL govt as the end all be all and of course their leader bamma a minority who they can identify with.  These people are not patriots nor do they support or care about their country, only the govt which provides food, shelter and meets their basic needs.  They turn inward to what is in their Rice Bowl, as long as their rice bowl if full they do care about anything else.

These people would never write the blank check like did in '67 to my country.  Its not that they are unpatriotic but rather than have no identification, they do not OWN a piece of the rock which is America.

You see the same outlook in illegal aliens.  They do not identify with America like those that came here to escape communism or have a chance at the American Dream.  We have 100M people that have been robbed of the American Dream and who robbed them?????  The people who were sworn to protect them...the Federal Govt...

But this is and has been the goal of the govt and Obama

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