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Slavery in America

In reality the Civil War was over "state's rights". The feds in Wash argued that the states had to abolish slavery, The states said no, that was their right, a state right not a fed mandate.

But it goes deeper than that. The south was booming in foodstuffs and textiles. All this required energy and in this case that energy came from slaves. We had NOT YET entered into the the machine age so everything had to be done by the strong of back. The South did not even have the manpower, so slaves were used. Was this wrong...NO, the is how the WORLD did things at that time. Slavery was global and the US was late to the game. Slavery is STILL in 2011 a big money game in the world, but Jesse Jackson will never admit it. In fact the legacy should be one of how much the black man did for America.

The result was the South collapsed for without slaves there was no one to pick the cotton. It took the Sought nearly a 100 years to recover.

None of this takes away that slavery is wrong, but we have covered up the hard work of the black in this country at the expense of making them proud Americans. Instead we, led by the DimOkrats, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton etc have turned the blacks into victims capable only of drawing a welfare check...

Since then the feds have increasingly taken away individual and collective (States) Rights.  We fought a war over this before and the results, if we measure the plight of the Blacks in America today the Civil War was not a success.  In fact Blacks are more under the Masters whip than at anytime in history, their dignity stripped, and their only real opportunity is welfare, food-stamps, Medicaid and public housing.  That ought to make Jesse Jackson PROUD!

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