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Finding socialism is not difficult.  And in 100% of the cases you find the same thing.  99/1.  The OWS movement stated this albeit they are too stupid to know it.  Socialism is about 99% owning 1% of the assets and 1% owning 99% of the assets.

Best example of this is Mexico, where is about 5% of the people own 99% of the wealth.  Its slowly changing but very very slow.  A look at other countries that went socialist you mostly see the same thing.  The elite ruling class with all the wealth and the rest who have near nothing.  Cuba, Libya, USSR etc.

All that said the reality is socialism can work at least for a while.  But in order to do so it takes an incredible amount of resources due to the inefficiency of the system. 

There is a lot of semi-quasi socialism in the world today especially in the free world, Europe, Aus etc.  And if you want to blame someone for the global socialist movement then the finger points directly at the good ole US of A! and capitalism.

The US was at one time one of the most capitalist countries on earth and that engine of capitalism generated so much money and raised the standard of living so far and so fast that we lived in a country of abundance.  Americans has so much that taxes and spending by our Congress never made much of a dent in our life.  This allowed our govt to go on an unprecedented nation-building effort around the world, we have over 900 military bases that cost us a staggering amount of money.  And in all of our largesse across the globe we never asked anyone to pay this Cop on the beat a single dime, in fact just the opposite, we paid them to guard their borders and shores.

Imagine if you will that every Friday the Sheriff, Chief of Police and State police pull up in front of your home, knock on your door and tell you:  Thanks for letting us keep your neighborhood safe and here is a check for $$$$$$$$, see ya next Friday.  This bucket of money is not just going to lay around your house.  You are going to start spending it and its a LOT of money and it shows up real often.

Well this is what the free world did and the result was all kinds of social programs, most went to Free medical care ALL paid for by the taxpayers in the US.

What the countries see is the US is faltering, we have run up a $15 Trillion tab must of it protecting the world and they know this is going to come to a halt.  They also know that USSR is talking big and so is China, N Korea has Nukes and Iran will have them any day and the us can no longer afford to stand in the Fulda Gap in Europe.

They also know that if ObammyCare is not struck down by the USSC either the US military is gone or ObammyCare is gone as no country can do both.

Remember when???  POTUS Clinton spoke about the "Peace Dividend"??????  You who were on military active duty know what it was and where it came from.  Klinton gave us a BUDGET SURPLUS, where did it come from and how did he do it?  He DECIMATED the US Military, cut the end strength almost in half and did so in 1994, one year.  I was there it was BRUTAL, we had money for nothing.  It was the leanest times I had seen in the military since Dimmy Karter did the same thing in 78.  Karter gave us massive increases in social programs, Dept of No Energy, Dept of Education and Klinton gave us budget SURPLUS!

So for all you socialists out there, want it to work, then better find yourself a SUGAR DADDY like Uncle Sam, the American taxpayer to pay for you FREE medial care and knee replacements 'cause your country cannot generate enough resources thru socialism to pay for a damn thing...except EPIC FAILURE!

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