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Term Limits

No federally elected official will serve more than 2 consecutive terms in office and not more than 3 terms lifetime or not more than 18 years lifetime service which ever is longer.


No federal elected official can retire from office and receive retirement compensation for such.  Elected Federal service is countable towards federal retirement if they have non-elected civil service eligibility.  They can pay into any personal retire program (401k, SS, IRA etc) or federally sponsored program (such as civil service) and withdraw without penalty any funds accumulated while in office.


Any elected official will have their past 3 tax years audited prior to taking office to establish a baseline of assets and income. Every elected federal official will be audited every year or partial year served in office and audited for a period 5 years after leaving office.


P/VP-OTUS will have his taxes audited every year until age 65.


Monetary or gross asset gains in excess of 50% of their averaged elected office income plus previous 3 years averaged assets and income will be subject to review by an independent federal agency such as the FBI for conflicts of interest.  In addition, the results will be submitted to the Congressional ethics committees for further review and investigation.


All federal elected officials will receive full-time status upon taking the oath of office as Federal Civil Service Employees and enjoy and accumulate the benefits as provided any federal employee.

Accumulated leave/sick leave will be paid upon leaving office; eligibility for COBRA etc. will be extended.

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