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The DimOcratcs trade slavery for votes!

 "why the democrats think raising the taxes on those making $250,000 a year is fair?"

1) The Dims see this as a way to buy votes. And it works just that simple. B Hussein Obama said today on TV as he was being interviewed that under his plan 95% of ALL Americans will see a tax reduction. Interestingly enough he also said in the same interview that he would repeal the Bush tax cuts???????????? Is he saying the Bush tax cuts ONLY affected the upper 5% of Americans?

The Dims see this as fair because they claim they look out for the poor, the unions and the 95% of Americans that do not have the $ that Bill Gates. They also see it as Bill Gates cannot spend all that in his lifetime therefore Bill Gates should give it to the Feds and let them distribute the money.

Well lets look at this: First its BG's money and he can do with it what he wants and has along with Warren Buffet. Who as the 2 nd richest man in the US and very old is doing what with the $B he has when he dies. Guess what, Bill Gates is gonna get it. [in fact it is going into the Bill and Melisa Gates foundation].

What the Dims want is for them to take BG and WB money and let them pass it around as they see fit.

Now when the government does it that is called 'Socialism'. And it all revolves around something Karl Marx wrote: 'Take from each according to their ability and give to each according to their need'.

BG and Melisa have 2 kids and a dog(?) Bertha BigButt has 9 kids and no job.

BG and family get a 3 bedroom apartment and a car. Bertha get a 10 bedroom house and the biggest SUV made.

This is the Dims redistribution of income model or as Karl Marx said....!

NEVER HAPPEN you say! Really, got bad real bad news for you, it has. Remember there are always at least two parts to an equation. Well the Socialists (Dims mostly) are working hard on the 5% who have. But all the while they have been giving and creating for the rest of the people.

Lets take a look:

I think that we can ALL agree on ONE THING. That slavery is at its best a horrible thing...You think?

"slav·er·y (slv-r, slvr)

n. pl. slav·er·ies

1. The state of one bound in servitude as the property of a slaveholder or household.


a. The practice of owning slaves.

b. A mode of production in which slaves constitute the principal work force.

3. The condition of being subject or addicted to a specified influence.

What do you think of when one says slavery? People in the south, mostly black working in the fields choppin cotton (I've done it, trust me you don't want to) etc. Being forced to live on the 'plantation', depending upon the Master for food, health care, water, electricity, transportation etc.

Now does remind you of anything else? Well it should and in fact it is WORSE than slavery. It is the plight of the bottom of the 95% that have ALL the vestiges of slavery except they are not required to work. The men have been stripped of their manhood, the women stripped of their pride and the children stripped of a family unit...

If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, well you get the picture.

Yes what has been done to these folks is horrible and far worse than slavery. With 12 M or more illegal aliens in this country the Dims eyes light up as they see 12M more votes.

Fact is the Dims really don't think it is fair raise taxes on the 5%, but they have no other choice as they have to pay for the other 95% somehow. Plus the number of folks that do not pay taxes at all is very near to exceeding the number who do.

[note there some who do think its fair but they are socialists]

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