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Baja Trip Plan 3

A)  NEVER'S for Baja/Mexico:

1) NEVER bring in a vehicle without insurance all vehicles MUST have insurance and you can be jailed if you do not have proof of liability coverage

2) NEVER bring firearms into Mexico, this includes ammunition. Even one round in an ash tray is cause to impound your vehicle and put you in jail. Do not bring knives designed for protection into Mexico (cooking and camp style knives are permitted)

3) NEVER bring illegal drugs into Mexico. Army and Federale inspections look for this

4) NEVER bring more prescription medication than is required for the trip, and keep them in the original prescription container. You can allow for a few extra days

5) NEVER bring expensive jewelry into Mexico, or wear designer clothing. Leave extra credit cards at home

B)  Good idea for Baja/Mexico:

1) Bring a current Passport 

2) Photocopy ALL important documents and keep them in a separate area of the vehicle

3) Use a money belt to hold large sums of cash and your passport

4) Provide a detailed itinerary with family or a friend in the US and call them if plans change

5)  Insure that you have ICE info on you while in Mexico

C)  Maps of Mexico

NOTE:  Scroll down and click on the Baja, Mexico and Baja Sur Mexico.  These maps are in color and are viewable by Adobe reader.

D)  Cities to visit:

Rosarito, Ensenada, San Filepe, Cabo San Lucas, Guerrero Negro and Catavina 

San Quintin- surf fishing, pismo clam gathering

San Ignacio- camping by the lake under the palms, great plaza and church

Mulege- camping along the river

Coception Bay- Coyote beach

Loreto- good restaurants, nearby islands

La Paz- capital of BCS- Tecolote Beach, more islands

Todos Santos- organic food restaurants, surfing

Cabo Plumo- camping and snorkeling on a coral reef system

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