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Gen-right Interview, Off Road Expo, Pomona, Ca. 6-7 Oct

Gen-right Display

Lots of displays

Lots of traffic

Boulder Series Rear Tire Carrier

Robert King of Gen-right

Robert pointing out the bushing

4 Grade 8 bolts holding each side

Note the support is rolled under

Gen-right wives

Pointing out new 30 gal fuel tank

  Interview with Robert King (Sales) and Bryan Cross (Design) Gen-right at the Off Road Expo:


  While at the ORE I had a chance to spend some time with Robert King, head of Sales for Gen-right and Bryan Cross Gen-rights Design Guru. The folks at G-r have got it going on for sure. First they are Jeepers, real Jeepers hitting real trails not a bunch of windshield cowboys. They really design and build some top-notch Jeep goodies that they are taking to the next level.

  Robert and Bryan wanted to introduce me to their new Boulder Series Tire carrier. This is a beauty. It can handle a massive 40x13-inch tire or a 42-inch if it not inflated. Wheels whether 4 ½, 5 or 5 ½ with 5, 6 or 8 lug nuts all fit with no difficulty. Not only is it well made but it also is designed to lift with ease…or all the ease available in hefting a 40-inch tire and wheel up off the ground.

  Another plus is the rear departure angle. They have mounted the unit as close as possible to the back of the tub and still accommodate massive tires.

  An additional feature they designed into it is the ability of the tire carrier to support the weight of the Jeep in the event you flop backwards instead of folding up like a soft taco.

  The unit can be welded to corner guards or Gen-right provides brackets to bolt thru and into the tub itself. The base is bolted on using 4 bolts per side and it rolls under to bolt underneath. It also has a integrated Tow Point, and is pre-wired for license plate lights. Bryan and Gen-right have given some thought on doing it right.

  As the folks at Gen-right say: “we are taking it to the next level" and they sure are!


From the Gen-right website>

  This is the Gen-Right version of a well-designed tire carrier for rock crawling that we call the Boulder Series Tire Carrier.

  In line with our other high quality products that allow you to keep your rear seat (or rear cargo area), this tire carrier is made with Heavy Duty 1-1/2" diameter x .120" wall steel tubing, this cutting edge carrier fits tight to the rear (only 15-1/2" off the tailgate!) for excellent departure angle and easy access by one person to handle up to a 40" tire.

  Urethane mounted at 4 points, this carrier is solid and does not rattle.

This Rear Carrier includes:

    * Internal 1/4" thick gussets that tie the carrier to the cage

    * License plate mounting tabs

    * Greasable bushings

    * Rear crossmember mounting plate

    * Heavy Duty center tow point

    * Grade 5 mounting hardware

    * Mounts can be adapted from 0" up to 1.25" body lifts

Other Features:

    * Bolt-on design

    * Quick release pins 

    * Easily fits up to 40" diameter tires

    * Weighs only 55lbs!

    * Lightening holes in mounting plate make excellent mount holes for back up and rock lights

    * Easy latching mechanism

    * Tire/wheel mount will hold any bolt pattern and any offset

    * Can be used to walk up for easy access to the rear cargo area

    * Shipped un-painted



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