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Off Road Expo: Oct '08

Note the engine back air exits

High-line Tubes on the trail

Inside the fender well view

Russ standing next to a small Jeep

Headed out to the Fall Off Road Expo in Pomona, Ca held annually at this time of the year.  Its a great show and I really enjoyed going to as I always do.

This year the show seemed a bit subdued due to the state of the economy.  But it did not dampen the sprits of those who attended.

Again the fine folks at Gen-Right had new products to showcase.  This year it was their Highline tube front fender setup that uses the OEM fender well sheet metal.  This is more than a great idea as it just flat makes a lot of sense.  For more than one reason:

1)  The high-line kit allows more tire clearance, thus reducing the amout of suspension lift needed and this serves to keep your love-hate relationship with CoG on better footing.

2)  The Gen-Right guys have come up with a great idea in engine bay temps.  They use the back side of the tube fender panel to exhaust hot engine bay temps.  These guys have it going on.

Check out their new tube fenders by clicking here>:

For the second year in a row Gen-Right has literally stole the show with its line up of great products that are loaded with innovation and creativity.

Get hold of Robert at Gen-Right by click here>:

 About Gen-Right:

Gen-Right is short for Genuine Ideas Engineered Right. They are committed to building innovative products for the "true" off-road enthusiast and believe people want to buy high quality, well designed products to take their Jeep to the next level. 

Gen-Right Off Road, LLC

1816 Angus, Unit A                            Phone: 805-584-8635

Simi Valey, CA 93063                        Fax: 805-584-8868

While I was there I hooked up with my good friend and fellow off roader and Army guy, Russ.  Russ lives out in LA, Ca and has a daughter that lives here in Scottsdale, Az close to where I live so we do get to hook up from time to time.  We met not long ago in Moab and then did an expedition in Mexico driving along the Sea of Cortez.

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