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Off Road Expo: Oct '07

Wind/Dust storm getting ugly

Double Trouble hook

Vortec side spinner Supercharger

EZ install

Fabbing, place, draw, cut 'n fit

Till it fits like so

New set of tools for tube fabbing

Place tool in pipe angle,  push

Remove, insert tube, mark, cut

Jeep OEM Front bumper

Jeep OEM Rear bumper

 Trip Report, Off Road Expo, Pomona, Ca. 6-7 Oct.


I headed out of here Friday and other than hitting a severe windstorm which all but zero’d out my gas mileage and at times make it near impossible to even see.

This is the 4th show I have been to and each one has been larger than the one before with this one being the largest to date. Large does not always mean better and in this case it is becoming true. I would suggest that the show be broken down into vehicles with less than 4 wheels [off road motor cycles, atv’s and the like] and vehicles with 4 wheels or more. This would go a long way to making it easier for attendee’s to see things.

I go looking for jeep oriented items and especially things that are new and different. The show was not as good as some others in this regard but I did find a few neat things:

Double Trouble Tow Hook>

Here is an interesting idea. A receiver tow hook with double hooks so as when you wrap the strap over them it does not fall off. Good idea!


Vortech Supercharger for 4.0L Jeep>

Vortech Superchargers has been around for a while and have recently released the SC for the Jeep 4.0L. Unlike the Avenger or Kenne Bell units this is a ‘sidewinder’ model nestling between the engine and the passenger inner fender well. Better idea than the KB or Avenger? Who knows but certainly a different approach.

PipeMasters Fabbing Tool> 

Now here is a cool tool to help your fab pipe and tubing corners. This is a COOL TOOL!


Jeep JK Heavy Duty Front/Rear Bumpers> 

They had a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited outfitted with the new front and rear Jeep Heavy Duty OEM bumpers. Good-looking bumpers.


While there I had the chance to spend some time with the fine folks at Gen-right. Check out Part II and my interview along with a new product>


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