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Wrangler Wreck:  TJ Rubicon can survive!


Paint scrape on left side

Paint scrape on tow attachment

More paint scraped off

Right side paint scraped off

Every thing is straight

“I was running down the road trying to loosen my load”...

  It was 3:15 and I am west bound on Frank Lloyd Wright a dual lane with center traffic divider, 45 mph speed limit Blvd approaching the 100th street intersection with lights and turn signal. I am enroute COSTCO for some shopping.  I approach the intersection with green light and at about 50 yards or so a big black ’94 Caddy 4 door sedan is making a u turn and got confused or making a left turn and got lost, because its sitting across both lanes at a dead stop.

  I move from the right to the left lane in hopes that the Caddy will move, it doesn’t, and I am considering jumping to the other side of the road if there are no oncoming cars.  The bad news is there is an oncoming car so that lets out that option.

  I stand on the brakes and my 37 MTRs lock up faster than Michael Jackson having a Boy Scout Troop sleep over and the Sheriff is knocking at the front door, and the Caddy still has not moved.

  I am sliding thru the intersection faster than Barry Bonds into home plate when hear a crunch and see an explosion of glass.  My airbag did not go off.

  I hit that Caddy on the outer edge of the rear tire and on into the rear quarter panel. The big Caddy’s rear window explodes like a bomb on a Baghdad street.  The Caddy slides sideways from the impact of my Jeep and I keep driving pulling over about 15 yards down the street in the bus stop lane.

  I run back to see who and what is in that Caddy and if anyone is hurt. The Caddy has only one occupant, a woman that most likely started her driving career for the 3 wise men.  It goes downhill from there, she is near blind in one eye, an ain’t got the other one and its not her lucky day. [NOT kidding about her only having one eye, I guess at 92 you are lucky to be alive]

  I ask if she is all right and she asks, "where am I?  By now the ambulance and Scottsdale finest is arriving on the scene and I turn it over to them while I check out the big Caddy. From the Caddy’s perspective, it was bad day at black rock or another demolition derby lost.  The rear is caved in, the trunk is crushed, door window broke and back window blown out.  The rear axle is not sitting straight and has been moved over to the drivers side a good foot, in short the car is un-drivable.

  The police asked me if I was driving the other car and where was it?  I point to my Jeep and we all head towards it. We walk around front to survey the damage and to their amazement and my surprise, there is none!

  I head on to COSTCO.

  Update: Her insurance company totaled the Caddy, the police took away her drivers license and I did not file a claim…no real damage, no claim, the woman had enough problems as it was.

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