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1-Corvette Z06 Museum Delivery Option RC8 $482


There my car sits

Me with it

VIP tour of plant

Getting the tour of my car

Closing table at Museum

For you Corvette fans. If ever you get the chance to take a factory delivery, DO SO!! It’s worth every dime.


The story began back in some fuzzy year in my life around the age of 9 or so. There I was in the back seat of Dads big ’56 Caddy with its big V-8 and 2 4 barrel carbs. We were cruising down the highway, I was sitting behind Dad and I look to my left and there is Torch Red car coming around to pass. I don’t know what kind of car it is, but it is a convertible with the top down and this guy and a blonde headed girl with her hair blowing in the wind not 6 feet from my door, WOW! Hey Dad, look at that car! Dad says, “lets see what he’s got” as the big Caddy’s dual carbs start suckin air like a Hoover plugged into a 220 volt outlet. The guy in that Torch Red car looks over, smiles at me just as he grabs the next lower gear, all I see is the back end with the word CORVETTE written across it.


Right then I make up my mind I am going to drive one of those. I start saving nickels and dimes mowing yards, digging fence posts, you name it. That day came at Christmas of my senior year of high school. Dad, said “son, time to go get that Corvette you have always dreamed about”. We found it over in Dallas on a Friday; it was an Artic White convertible with Navy Blue interior, 4 speed, 327-365 HP. Dad signed for me and I had a $41 dollar car payment…those were the days and that perhaps is another story.


The odyssey:

Begins over a year ago when I decided I needed another sports car in my life. I’ve owned about 10 or so Corvettes and a string of other cars from Lexus Sports Coupes to MB SL 500’s but none ever really lit my fire like good ole’ Chevy iron. I find me a dealer that wants to sell one, Graff Chevrolet in Grand Prairie, Texas. There I meet Shelly Otto, a cute little Texas gal who knows how to sell a car and keep you laughing at the same time.


I placed an order for a 2000 with Museum Delivery. Shelly calls after some time and I cannot get Factory Delivery on my 2000, but I tell her I will forego the 2000 if I can get a 2001 much-rumored Z06. Shelly and her boss Gerald Hately were able to put it together and followed up with the good news that on Dec 11 2000 my Millennium Yellow with Torch Red interior was to be built and I needed to make arrangements to pick it up at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky.


Arrangements were made with Judy Yanko and the fine folks at the Museum. On Jan 11th I pack a suitcase and grab a handful of CD’s as I head out to the Miami airport to fly to Bowling Green to pick up my “baby”. Of note here is the fact that Shelly had told me that her and her hubby had been trying for years to have a baby, well it wasn’t until she ordered my Corvette that she got pregnant for the first time and had a healthy baby…before I got my Corvette! 

It was a late flight to Nashville, and just me and what looked liked every mother’s son on that silver bird. I must have been the only one not bringing a guitar and looking for their big break on the Grand Ole Opry that weekend. I landed and headed over to National to pick up my rental car to journey to Bowling Green, about an hour away. Its raining and I’m hungry so I follow a big chromed, cab over Pete pulling a reefer into that respite from healthy eating, the American icon, Waffle House. The only place I know of you can get pecan waffles with your fried grease, but ohhh it is so good.


I pull to the inside of the big 18-wheeler and as I get out, I see a big hunk of a man walking around the truck. His name is Steve, he is got a load of fresh produce he picked up down in the lower Rio Grande bound for up north. He said he’d been poppin benny’s since Dallas and was running ahead of schedule so he wanted to spend a little time in Nashville, eat some BBQ over at Corky’s, see Elvis and with some luck find a woman. I wish him good luck as he walks over to the truck stop and I head into the Waffle House. I walk into the place thru a bluish haze of cigarette and fried egg smoke.


I am greeted by Sheila who puts a cup of Joe down in front of me and asks what else I want. By the tone of her voice, I suspect there is more on the menu than the pecan waffles I have a hunger for. She barks out to the cook my order and turns to me with a smile that shows her years. She tells me she was a Cajun queen from down around New Orleans and her last trucker boyfriend left her stranded here at the truck stop about 6 months ago. She took a job here, but is itching to get back out on the road. She looked crushed when I told her I didn’t pull up in the big chrome cab over Pete. Sheila had seen some better days in her youth I’m sure, but I figured I wouldn’t tell her I was driving a Corvette back to Miami. I finish my meal, tell her good night and as I turn to leave I see Steve walking across the parking lot towards us. I turn to Sheila and say, “here comes Steve, my buddy, he’s driving the chrome rig, take good care of him.” I meet Steve at the door as I am leaving and tell him to sit at the bar, before the door shuts behind me I hear a big HELLO STEVE…sure hope he finds Elvis.


I awake the next day to look out the window of my Holiday Hotel to see nothing but snow on the ground and flakes coming down the size of waffles I’d had the nite before. I head on out to the Corvette factory, take the tour, then head over to the Corvette Museum for pickup of my Z06. There it sets in delivery area 1 of the museum, Adam Boca gives me a VIP tour, I sign papers and drive off into what has become blue skies and dry streets. It is a wonderful day in my life. If you have ever thought of buying a Corvette, then think of getting the Museum Delivery option, R8C, most fun and best $482 you will spend anytime soon. The folks at the Museum and Factory could not be any better and are there to make it not just worth it but one of your better experiences in life. Bring camera and lots of film!

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